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We tailor our service delivery for each client, each proposal, and each presentation to achieve our client’s needs. We…

  • Collaborate with our client's capture staffs to help shape and articulate the winning tactical story
  • Ask the tough questions early to arrive at optimal approaches, solutions, and differentiators
  • Provide rapid content development and clear messaging across all proposal elements
  • Leverage our 45+ years of combined experience and provide end-to-end presentation development and management
  • Define presentation requirements in detailed outlines, enabling “solutions” and consistency for each element across all sections
  • Work side-by-side with technical leads/teams to embed content rich information and coordinate with design staff to provide a consistent and professional look
  • Conduct detailed reviews and provide value-added feedback – we do it all
  • Support the full life cycle of proposal development and management from strategy to delivery
  • Conduct outlining, management, volume leadership, and proposal color review and improvements
  • Seamlessly fold into existing environments and teams while leveraging best practices
  • Tailor our proven coaching approach, successful across hundreds of teams and thousands of presenters, to the individuals and teams presenting
  • Recognize each team is unique and has different needs and constraints
  • Optimize teamwork and leadership while featuring the talents and experience of key personnel to deliver the right message verbally and non-verbally
  • Focus on “imprinting” rather than scripting thereby reducing stress, anxiety, and useless memorization
  • Deliver the “know how” of Q&A technique and content to effectively respond to all types of questions from customers
  • Balance the team and key staff in delivering effective responses
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